November 24, 2021

12 fantastic India vacation ideas for your Diwali stay

Winters are a great time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park. The weather is comfortable for safari explorations and the animals are newly energized after the monsoon season allows for easier viewing. Upgrade your experience and opt for the hot air balloon flight over the region. Although activity is limited to the park’s buffer zone, you are likely to spot a variety of wildlife including tigers, leopards, Indian sloth bears, and more. And, you will come back with the most beautiful photos.

Watch the leaves fall in Kashmir

Chinar Bagh, Srinagar in autumn

Photo: LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

As the cold winter months begin to set in, there is little time in November to enjoy fall in Jammu and Kashmir. A carpet of fiery orange leaves adorn the ground beneath you as you explore the beautiful region. There is plenty to see and do – Shalimar Gardens, the Dras River, stunning mountains, shrines and ancient shops, but you can also spend hours gazing at the many hues of orange, yellow and yellow. red on the trees above you.

Camp near Bombay

Camping on top of a hill in Panchgani

Looking to avoid thefts, RT PCR tests and festival crowds? There is no better option than camping. With the monsoons gone, there are several sites within driving distance of Mumbai that are perfect for a quiet getaway. Settle in near Shirgaon Beach in Palghar District in Maharashtra, go for riverside camping, fishing and adventure sports in Tikona or Kolad or enjoy the cool weather in the Panchgani Hills. If you are not the type to get by, go for the Moonstock Hammock glamping experience in Karjat.

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