September 29, 2022

About Tungnath of Uttarakhand, the abode of Lord Shiva

In Hinduism, everything comes from nothing, and returns to nothingness, in retrospect, everything comes from Shiva, and returns to Shiva. It is believed that the deity is easily happy with very little.

While India has many temples dedicated to the divine Lord Shiva, some hold a special place. Tungnath is one such temple, which is one of the highest Shiva temples in the world. It was reportedly discovered by Adi Sankacharya.

If you ever embark on the journey of Panch Kedar, you will find that Tungnath falls as the third destination of the divine journey. The trek to Tungnath is a 3.5 km trek, starting at Chopta in Uttarakhand and is believed to be around 1000 years old. The trek to Tungnath temple is the shortest among all five Kedars, but it is a steep climb.

Chopta is a popular, picturesque tourist destination and is known as the
Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand. Filled with pine trees, deodars and rhododendrons, it truly is a wonderful destination. It also serves as a starting point or base camp for your journey to the sacred temple of Tungnath.

Interestingly, the temple is only open to visitors for a few months. It is usually towards the summer that pilgrims go to the temple, because it closes at the end of October. Lord Shiva is then transferred to the Makkumath temple during the winter months. Tungnath Sanctuary is blanketed in snow at this time of year.

Tungnath forms an important part of the Panch Kedar journey and is easily accessible during the summer months.