November 24, 2022

“Arunachal’s tourism potential is not fully explored”

Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Chowna Mein, said the state’s vast tourism potential was little known to people in other parts of India.

Attending “Abhinandan Arunachal”, an event promoting spiritual tourism in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, he said Arunachal is home to 26 major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes with their own culture, traditions and customs.

“The diversity of Arunachal Pradesh is such that it can also be called a mini-India. Five climatic zones, from tropical to alpine, also make the state one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots,” he said during the program hosted by the VIPRA Foundation, a social organization.

Mein said Arunachal Pradesh has a long historical connection since the age of Mahabharata and it was from Bhismaknagar in the lower valley district of Dibang that ‘Rukmini Haran’ took place.

Lord Krishna and Rukmini rested at a place called Malinithan, which is in present-day Lower Siang district and on the way to Tezpur, located in Assam, he said.

Mein said that Arunachal also has the largest Shiv Linga in the country at Ziro and Parshuram Kund in the Lohit River is one of the holiest places where Parshuram washed away his sins after killing his own mother while obeying the order of his father.

“Today, Parshuram Kund is a famous pilgrimage site and thousands of people go there for holy bathing. Every year, Parshuram Mela is organized to facilitate Hindu pilgrims in the state,” he said said, adding that the place can be developed as the “Kumbh of the East” with the support of the Center and organizations such as the VIPRA Foundation.

Mein also pointed to the Buddhist religious places of Namsai, Mechukha, Tuting, Bomdila and Tawang.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a vision to see India become a developed country by 2047 that “we all have to resolve and work for collectively”.

Tourism Minister Nakap Nalo said Arunachal Pradesh can offer any form of tourism from adventure to nature, religion, research, culture, eco-tourism etc. with natural beauty plentiful and hospitable people.

He said that in line with Prime Minister’s Tourism Policy “Dekho Apna Desh”, the state government has launched “Dekho Apna Pradesh” to promote tourism in Arunachal.

Nalo invited the people of mainland India to Arunachal and explore the beauty of nature and the religious and cultural diversity of the Himalayan state.

Sushil Ojha, the founder of VIPRA Foundation, stressed the importance of hosting the event in Indore and also called for cultural integration and promotion of religious tourism.

He commended the initiatives taken by the Center and the governments of Arunachal Pradesh for the development of Parshuram Kund.

He further said that Parshuram Kund will see a significant increase in the influx of Indian tourists from lakhs to crores in the coming years which will help in the economic development of the state.

Ojha said the people of Indore will contribute INR 51 lakh towards the development of Parshuram Kund in Lohit district.

Arunachal Tourism Advisor and Nampong MP Laisam Simai, Tezu MP Karikho Kri and Tourism Director Abu Tayeng also attended the program along with Mein and Nalo.

Among others, Radhe Shyam Sharma, National Chairman of VIPRA Foundation, Indore MP Shankar Lalwani, 4th Indore MP Ramesh Mendola, Mawali MP (Rajasthan) Dharamnarayan Joshi and industrialist Ratan Sharma also took the word.

Earlier, Mein launched the ‘Parshuram Kund Amantran Yatra’ on the occasion which will start on November 8 and end on January 8, 2023 at Parshuram Kund.

The Yatra will be organized to highlight the spiritual significance of Parshuram Kund across the country with a view to transforming it into a major tourist destination.

Earlier, CM MP and his entourage met Madhya Pradesh Tourism Minister Usha Thakur and discussed the central Indian state’s tourism policy, cultural diversity and nationalism. During the meeting, ideas were exchanged to explore the possibilities of mainstreaming MP tourism policy in Arunachal Pradesh.

The dignitaries also held a meeting with members of the Madhya Pradesh Hotel and Restaurant Association (HRAMP) headed by its chairman, Sumit Suri, over breakfast and discussed tourism and hospitality.

The Deputy CM invited HRAMP members to visit Arunachal Pradesh and also expand their branches in the North East.

Later, the dignitaries visited Asia’s largest bio-CNG plant to get an insight and understanding of the solid waste management system of Indore, voted “India’s Cleanest City” over the past few years. six consecutive years. (Source: East Mojo)