November 24, 2022

Assam government launches new tourism policy

The government of Assam has launched a new tourism policy to encourage responsible tourism and support the private sector in the state.

The mission of the policy is to “create a policy framework and strategic roadmap in collaboration with central ministries, various state government departments, local communities and tourism stakeholders to improve the tourism sector in Assam, support the private sector engaged in tourism in the state, and to strengthen tourism support segments and its sub-sectors,” a statement read.

The policy, prepared after extensive consultations with the World Bank, incorporated the views of stakeholders and industry experts.

“The new Assam Tourism Policy 2022 has come at an opportune time as the state stands on the threshold of new beginnings. The policy aims to ensure and safeguard the effective standardization of processes and practices, foster uniformity, which can lead to sustainability and an overall improvement in the quality of tourism products,” the statement read.

The new tourism policy was unveiled on the sidelines of the Assam Tourism Road Show 2022, organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Assam.

“Our goal with this new policy is to allow the world to see it from the point of view of attraction. The presence of crystal clear water, forests, mountains and rivers provides the state with unlimited possibilities in the field “The new tourism policy pursues the same objective. Assam is sure to delight travelers with what it has to offer in every nook and corner. For investors, we have also offered special packages,” said the state’s tourism minister, Jayanta Malla Baruah.

“The fundamental guiding principle of the policy is to encourage sustainability and foster responsible tourism to make Assam a sustainable and responsible tourist destination,” said Maninder Singh, Additional Chief Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of Assam.

“The aim is to promote sustainability by limiting the negative effects of tourism on social, environmental and economic sectors while ensuring the positive effects,” Singh added.

Keeping in mind the objective of employing local youth, the Ministry of Tourism will facilitate on-the-job training to be provided by employers to local hotel and resort employees.

These programs will aim to advance women into management and leadership positions in their companies and encourage employers to provide childcare assistance and safe transportation for female workers, especially those who work night shifts, says the press release.

Special efforts will be made to train women in male-dominated positions such as guides, cooks, waiters and drivers, and to offer recognition to companies that encourage women in these positions, he added. .