November 24, 2022

BCB XI’s Indian tour postponed due to visa complications

The travel date for the BCB XI’s India tour has been postponed due to the players’ visa complications, national coach Habibul Bashar has said.

BCB XI was due to leave for India today to play two four-day and three one-day matches against Ranji Trophy Tamil Nadu team, starting on October 12.

Now they are expected to leave for India on October 11.

“We have postponed travel plans due to visa complications. Therefore, our camp could not travel on October 9. I hope it will be settled by October 10 and they will leave Dhaka on October 11,” Bashar said at the official press conference.

This was not the end of the dilemma as the touring team did not even know which Tamil Nadu team they were going to play against.

However, Bashar assured the BCB XI to play against Tamil Nadu provincial side.

“We don’t have the list of who we are going to play yet. However, as far as I know, we will be playing against their base provincial team,” he said.

‘They [Tamil Nadu] are already present in a one-day tournament, but among these players, who are used to playing four-day matches in the Ranji, they are expected to face us.

According to fixtures in the upcoming series, the BCB XI will play the two four-days of October 12-15 and October 19-22, respectively, while the matchdays will be played on October 27, 29 and 31 respectively.