November 24, 2022

Bihar to host Rajgir Mahotsav from November 29

According to the latest reports, the internationally acclaimed three-day Rajgir Mahotsav will be held from November 29 this year. Referring to this, Nalanda DM Shashank Shubhankar added that the schedule was finalized in consultation with the state tourism development department which is also the co-host of Mahotsav. He further added that the names of the performers would also be announced soon by the tourism department.

The DM, while revealing the details of the events that will be included in this year’s Mahotsav, said the seven-day “Gram Shri Mela” aims to promote rural art, which would also be held in the Mahotsav region. He informed that a book fair, a food mela, a recreation area, an agricultural mela would also be organized.

He said the traditional ‘tonga’ and ‘palki’ decorating competitions, painting contests and Sadbhavna march would also be held during the three-day show. And to ensure the smooth running of the event, the district administration has formed 32 cells, which will be supervised by senior district officials.

The Rajgir Nritya Mahotsav was started by then Union Tourism Minister HKL Bhagat and then Bihar CM Bindeshwari Dubey in Sone Bhandar area in 1986 as a low key affair and was mostly frequented by officials and a limited number of visitors, until it was brought to sprawling Qila Maidan in 2011 by Nalanda DM Sanjay Kumar Agrawal after CM Nitish Kumar expressed his desire to move the Mahotsav to a place accessible to all.

However, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) restricted the use of the protected Qila Maidan, after which the Mahotsav was transferred to the RICC and the hockey ground in 2017.

  1. What is Rajgir Mahotsav?
    Rajgir Mahotsav is a fine representation of history, religion, art and culture and has a reputation not only in Bihar but also nationally and internationally.
  2. When is this holiday celebrated?
    Since 1986, the tradition of celebrating this festival has existed since 1986.
  3. When will this holiday be celebrated this year?
    From November 29.