May 22, 2022

Caravan tourism in Kerala looks promising

Caravan tourism in India has yet to catch up, but the tourism industry in Kerala is slowly getting closer. The government of Kerala
Keravan Kerala The project sees trailer parks opening up across the state. Kerala’s tourism and trade industry has also guaranteed its support for this caravan tourism policy. The caravan parks are located in beautiful natural sites, with high levels of safety and hygiene.

Various players in the state’s tourism and commerce industry have assured that it will develop hybrid packages for caravan tourism in the state. The demand for caravans may increase and people may tend to seek quiet places where there is no overcrowding.

Caravan tourism could prove to be a demand for families, honeymooners or even groups of friends. Kerala is a favorite destination for many, and with this added experience, it could be a great new way to jumpstart tourism in the state now that the pandemic situation has improved in the country and the rest of the world.

The policy of caravan tourism is even better when we realize that thanks to this initiative, hitherto unexplored places will be opened up to travel. Thus, all these destinations in the state of Kerala which were previously unexplored would now be accessible. In addition, caravan tourism is a sustainable activity and will also help local communities.

Kerala has struggled with the pandemic over the past year and a half and is now battling deadly floods and landslides. If caravan tourism is booming in the state, it will help the travel industry and its various stakeholders.