November 24, 2022

CDC removes all warnings against cruise travel, World

In a latest COVID update, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) removed its warning against cruise ship travel. So travelers can now plan cruises without going through any COVID protocols. It was almost two years into the pandemic that the CDC lifted the warning against boat travel.

The agency on Wednesday updated its cruise ship travel website and removed all warnings. CDC spokesman Dave Daigle told local media the decision was made after analyzing the current pandemic situation. The country has recently seen a huge drop in COVID-19 cases on cruise ships.

Daigle said: “The CDC is removing the travel health advisory on COVID-19 cruise ships. Travelers will make their own risk assessment when choosing to travel on a cruise ship, much like they do in all other travel contexts.

He further said that they felt it was a long time coming and that they saw this decision as a ‘demonstration of all the hard work this industry has done to ensure that we offer the safest way to travel’. . The decision comes 14 days after the CDC lowered its warning against cruise ship travel to a “level 2.”

As of now, the CDC has recommended that travelers be up to date with their vaccinations before boarding a cruise.