November 24, 2022

China: tourist visa remains suspended

The Chinese Embassy in India has updated its COVID-19 visa policy after a two-year hiatus. According to reports, China has now lifted the visa ban on Indians and announced that it plans to provide visas to Indian professionals and their families, who have been unable to return to China due to the pandemic.

This decision is a great relief for Indian professionals and their families, who have been stuck at home since 2020. Last month, according to reports, a number of Indian professionals based in China urged External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar to pressure Beijing to allow their stranded families to return.

Apart from Indians, the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi also added that family members of Chinese citizens and foreigners holding Chinese permanent residence permits, traveling to China for family reunions or to visit to relatives, can also apply for visas.

Reports also indicate that visas for private or tourist purposes will remain suspended as Chinese authorities remain cautious about the spread of the virus. If the reports are to be believed, the new visa policy has already been implemented.

China has also started processing applications and requests from a large number of Indian students, who have applied for student visas.

  1. When is the best time to visit China?
    Autumn and spring are unquestionably the best times to visit China.
  2. Can Indians get a Chinese visa now?
    The Chinese Embassy in India on Monday updated its COVID-19 visa policy to accept visa applications from foreign nationals and their accompanying family members wishing to travel to China to resume work in all fields. .
  3. Is China visit visa open?
    The Chinese Embassy has suspended visa services for tourist visas.