November 24, 2022

Cohiba Goa-India Tour! Goan Carnival Spirit Unleashed in Mluru by Goan Band A26

Cohiba Goa-India Tour! Goan Carnival Spirit Unleashed in Mangaluru by Goan Band A26 at Mangaluru’s Newest Hotel Avatar, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: When you talk about Goa filled with Fun & Frolic and the Goa Carnival, the Mangalorians “GO GAGA” means “overly and wildly enthusiastic”, and head to Goa either for the carnival or just to spend some free time, in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and coastal city noise. But this time our local revelers and revelers did not have to travel to Goa, as the spirit and fun of Goa Carnival and much more was brought live to the “Rome of the East – Mangaluru, by young and dynamic Mark Fernandes of Stone-Bridge Entertainment; and Michael Rego of 2-Acres Eco-Sports Village, Mangaluru.

Music can control a person’s emotions; it can ignite feelings within and turn those feelings into physical reactions. Over a journey of countless years, different styles and genres of live music have arisen in India‘s transforming cultural landscape. Speaking of one of the best places in India offering a lifetime experience, anyone who loves live music knows the significant influence Goa has had over the years. But the fierce competition continues to grow with each passing day as new music formats, namely Electronic Dance Music (EDM) gain prominence; the traditional modes of showcasing live music in Goa fail to cope.

The centuries-old practice of including band performances and live music in all other celebrations in Goa has been a prestigious legacy of the state. Even today, Goa attracts millions of tourists every year for this valuable practice which overshadows the popular culture of the new age. And Mangaluru had another opportunity to feel the vibrancy of Goan music right here in Mangaluru

Even though the event was planned outdoors at the spacious ‘2 Acres Eco-Sports Village on Bondel road, Mangaluru, but the organizers were unwilling to take any chances as the rain gods have been hammering the town in recent days – and the only option was to move the event to the large open-air space of the Avatar Hotel in the city. Anyway, as we all know Mangaloreas love to party – and this event turned out to be a party full of music, food, drink, fun and frolic – and it was a one of a kind party that Mangaloreans have never seen before – with a carnival theme from Goa, as part of Cohiba-Goa India Tour – and Mangaluru was chosen as one of their India tour destinations Viva Goa right here at Viva Kudla!

Congratulations to the young and energetic entrepreneur and founder of Stone Bridge Entertainment – Mark Fernandes, joined by Michael Rego and his wife Jennifer, of 2-Acres Eco Sports Village for hosting a unique Goan themed party for the FIRST time in Smart City – Mangaluru! And the chefs at Hotel Avatar have done a marvelous job of meticulously preparing the right treats suitable for a party, with mouth-watering coastal and continental dishes and more. etc.!

Organizers Mark Fernandes (L) of Stone Bridge Entertainment & Michael Rego (R) of 2 Acres Eco Sports Village

Partygoers doused their minds, where they could sip their favorite, non-alcoholic cocktails and shake their hips on the dance floor to the pulsating music of band A26 and Goa’s top DJ Joel. And to keep the party going, handsome hunk- Jake Texeira kept the revelers lively with his pro skills, along with some extra witty punchlines. To add more fun to the party, Joe UK from Goa posed as KING MOMO, a goa carnival staple.

And with a musical performance by famous Goa band “A26”, this party was one to remember for a lifetime! A26 became a musical group and played in all major cities in the country, as well as in London, Denmark, Africa, Dubai, Poland, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. to, and Mangaluru was no exception. Lester Rodrigues, the founder, manager and lead vocalist of A26 was also the founding member and lead vocalist of one of Goa’s top bands, Forefront.

Goan Band A26 rocked the night with their outstanding musicality

Besides vocalist/guitarist Lester, the band includes Chrystal Farrell (vocalist), Joe Pereira (drums), player Alfin Fernandes (keyboard/trumpet), Marwino D Costo (bass guitar/flute), Grayston Vaz (lead guitar) and Agnelo Mascarenhas (keyboard). Their music has appealed to a wide genre of clientele and their genre of music is very broad and they play every genre as it is meant to be played. The band has earned a reputation for exceptional musicianship, exceptional service and professionalism. This elegant set of 7 can meet everyone’s musical needs.

Yes, the Cohiba Goa Carnival Theme Party was a Bustling Buzzing activity, which will go down as a night to be remembered for a long time! Well done and congratulations to the organizers, Stone Bridge, Kingfisher, Cohiba Goa and 2 Acres Eco sports Village, who debuted this spectacular and one-of-a-kind event in Smart City-Mangaluru!

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