November 24, 2022

Cuba eases travel restrictions starting this week

Cuba has decided to relax health measures for travelers. The country will ease its covid restrictions from Wednesday. According to the National Director of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Francisco Duran, travelers are not required to present a vaccination certificate upon arrival, or even present a negative COVID 19 report.

However, reports suggest that random sampling for COVID 19 will take place at airports, and even at ports. This will primarily be for passengers arriving from countries with a high rate of COVID 19 cases.

Additionally, those who test positive in these tests will be hospitalized and all COVID 19 protocols will be followed.

Passengers should also keep in mind that other COVID measures, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and even hand washing, continue to be in place.

Francisco Duran said in a statement: “The easing of measures took into account the high vaccination rate (against Covid-19) in the country, with three doses and a booster dose administered to a large part of the population. “.

Havana is Cuba’s most popular destination, and travelers can now expect to visit the beautiful city without too much hassle.

The country has succeeded in vaccinating more than 9.9 million of its 11.2 million population. There are a total of 619 cases of new COVID 19 infections in Cuba, with one death.