May 11, 2022

fiji: Fiji plans to reopen soon for tourism

The beautiful island of Fiji now plans to reopen to international tourists by November of this year. The country is seeking to heal itself from the devastating effects of the pandemic on its economy. The
Fiji plans to reopen to tourism soon The delta variant of the coronavirus has taken its grip on the country and made it difficult for the tourism sector.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said in a statement: “Our goal is to free our country and our economy from the rut of the pandemic. ”

Fiji is looking forward to having 80% of its population vaccinated, as after that it will open to visitors without quarantine. Travelers will come from countries on the green list. At present, the country has succeeded in fully immunizing 66 percent of its population, and it is estimated that the target will be reached by November 1.

Fiji’s Green List includes the following countries: Japan, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and parts of the United States. The prerequisite is that travelers coming to Fiji must be fully vaccinated and also test negative for the virus before their departure.

The country has prepared visitors to be directed to designated areas where everyone is fully immunized.

According to reports, around forty percent of the country’s economy depends on tourism, so it is absolutely essential that it be brought back to life. There are opposition to the opening of tourism by the opposition political party. According to members of this party, health comes before the economy.

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