November 24, 2022

Forbes India – Travel, digital: Venice seeks to woo digital nomads

What if your remote desktop allowed you to watch the gondolas of Venice go by? Image: Shutterstock

RThe large-scale deployment of emote working in the world has not only brought about a new way of thinking about the organization of one’s time and one’s relations with the company. Teleworkers are now a new category of travellers, and it is a category that Venice has an interest in attracting to boost its population with a completely different resident profile.

How about getting ready for your next meeting, not in an open space, but in the famous Piazza San Marco in Venice? La Serenissima is waiting for you. In fact, it even developed a digital platform to encourage digital nomads to choose it as their new remote desktop. A symbol of mass tourism, Venice is not only struggling with the management of visitor flows, which number in the millions, but it is also suffering from a sharply declining population. The historic center has only 50,000 inhabitants compared to 174,000 in the 1950s, while the population living in the heart of this mythical destination is aging noticeably. According to Bloomberg, people in their 50s are twice as numerous as those in their 20s and 30s.

With the pandemic and the generalization of more or less free teleworking, Venice is seeking to attract a new profile of visitors to boost its local economy: employees authorized to work remotely.

The campaign was launched and is called “Venywhere”, a combination of Venice and “anywhere”. For the moment, this program is in the test phase, before being officially deployed in the fall. The site allows digital nomads interested in setting up their virtual offices in Venice to identify the places in the city where they can connect their computer, and which places they are! Ca’ Foscari University, Fondazione di Venezia, Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Arsenale di Venezia, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa… These are just some of the cultural and/or historical sites where employees can combine usefulness with pleasant. The shipyard’s message is clear: to transform Venice into a modern city suited to today’s work.

The Venywhere platform also allows you to find accommodation and even organize your time outside of work by participating in cultural activities.

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