May 22, 2022

Forbes India – Travel: Here are the 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world

Travelers refine their search for a destination for a fall weekend or the perfect place to spend the year-end vacation away from home
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Aalmost months of bite while the borders remained closed, Free time magazine published its ranking of the coolest neighborhoods on the planet. Exactly the push we need to get back on the road. Head to Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark, or get a taste of American style in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

“Delicious, fun and vibrant.” These are the adjectives chosen by the Copenhagen tourist office to describe the district of Nørrebro. At a time when travelers are refining their search for an autumn weekend destination or the ideal place to spend the end of the year holidays away from home, this corner of the Danish capital, characterized by its strong student population, has just been crowned “coolest neighborhood in the world” by Free time magazine. This repository of good places to go out has drawn up the list by gathering the expert point of view of its 27,000 editors and contributors, already surveyed for the publication’s annual index, on the neighborhoods where it is good to be, stroll, grab have a drink and do things in a “community spirit”.

For this special edition, not only the ambiance, but also the culinary, nightlife, artistic and cultural scenes were assessed and tested to compose this year’s list. In Nørrebro, for example, Free time invites travelers to discover new bakeries and wine bars specializing in natural wines.

The top three in this ranking are all neighborhoods close to the LGBTQ + community.

Here are the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world according to Time Out:

1. Nørrebro, Copenhagen

2. Andersonville, Chicago

3. Jongno 3-ga, Seoul

4. Leith, Edinburgh

5. Station area, Vilnius

6. Chelsea, New York

7. XIth district, Budapest

8. Ngor, Dakar

9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong

10. Richmond, Melbourne

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