September 29, 2022

Germany to invest 5 lakh euros to promote tourism in India

As the tourism industry is enjoying a strong recovery from the pandemic, the German National Tourist Board, India observed a 214% year-on-year increase in business. At its annual conference, GNTO, India shared travel trend analysis (globally and for the Indian market). The press conference featured India as an important market for inbound travel to Germany with genuine hospitality to inspire potential Indian visitors to Germany.

Germany tops the charts among the best travel destinations in Europe for Indian travelers for its extensive culture and attraction. According to the Nation Brands Index, Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index SM 2021, Germany ranks first in the Nation Brands Index for the fifth time in a row. From cultural centers to architecture, innovative food to insider tips and new favorite spots nearby, Germany offers the best travel experience. Recognizing an increased demand for experiences this season among visitors to the Indian market, the German National Tourism Board (GNTB) is launching a brand new campaign showcasing nature and cultural tourism in all its facets, with a focus on attractions sustainable tourism and outdoor activities. Activities.

The German.Local.Culture campaign. and Embrace German Nature expresses precisely this peaceful coexistence of different generations, traditions and cultural influences. With the launch of the campaign, GNTB reflects authentic local experiences in urban destinations with the integration of rural areas and their sustainable tourism offerings and natural attractions. With countless tourism events, the campaign also aims to promote Germany as a destination for culturally interested travellers, families and active holidaymakers in the Indian market. The campaigns for the Indian market are part of the worldwide campaign to promote culturally rich and naturally beautiful Germany.

Specifically to Indian travellers, Germany accounted for 9% of European trips by Indians. 55% of Indian tourists visit Germany for pleasure while 38% travel for business. Speaking of Germany as a favorite travel destination for Indian travellers, Romit Theophilus, Director of the German National Tourist Board, India (GNTO), said: “Eight hours door-to-door and with multiple daily flight routes from India to cities like Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Germany has long been favored by the Indian traveler. An increase in the number of travelers is expected this holiday season in light of the easing of requirements related to COVID-19. All travelers can now visit regardless of their vaccination status and without the need for a negative test.

“Having nature and culture as two of the main drivers is exciting given the abundance of relevant offerings we have to offer,” added Romit. “From winding lakes and breathtaking mountains to traditional crafts and Bavarian cuisine, Germany is the perfect place for explorers looking for an easily accessible destination with plenty to see and do. TO DO.”

Some of the incredible naturist elements of Germany that await Indian visitors include the 66 Lakes Trail hike, which includes streams and rivers and passes Sanssouci Palace in the spa town of Potsdam, and the incredible landscapes that one can find in Hiddensee, a beautiful car-free island with sandy beaches and salt marshes.

Visitors looking to soak up culture across the country can also revel in the campaign’s four touchpoints: Green, Craft, Flair and Taste. Taste includes some of Leipzig’s most popular delicacies, Green features Munsterland’s breathtaking wildlife, Flair sees creativity like Berlin’s inspiring Tegel Art Park, and Craft includes the well-known cuckoo clocks of The Black Forest.