May 11, 2022

Guinness to open Chicago beer bar

Famous Irish stout producer Guinness has decided to open a taproom in Chicago. The company announced the opening of a new faucet room in Chicago’s Fulton Market neighborhood. The delicious stouts will be imported from Ireland and the tasting room will accommodate 300 guests, inside and out. The taproom is expected to open in 2023.

With the last taproom in Chicago, Guinness will officially launch its second taproom in the United States. Another was already opened in the city of Baltimore in 2018. One of its best features is that the tasting room will not only entertain guests with beers on its premises, but also allow guests to bring back beers to the House.

Guinness looks forward to opening the faucet room just in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2023. Chicago’s great heritage and history will be the perfect setup for this brand new faucet room.

The Chicago bar will feature a mix of food offerings, including Irish and local dishes. In its Baltimore location, Guinness has a food truck serving good food, like ribs and pretzels. There was a full-service restaurant before the pandemic, but that has changed since the coronavirus outbreak last year.

Guinness dry stout dates back to 1759 in Dublin, Ireland. The historic brand of stout is one of the favorites and widely sold around the world.

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