May 11, 2022

India imposes travel restrictions on these countries

In light of new variants of COVID-19, India has decided to extend travel restrictions. protocols, to countries around the world. India has ruled that passengers from the UK, European Union and West Asia are expected to present a negative RT-PCR report before boarding their flights. In addition, passengers from these regions will be required to pass mandatory tests upon arrival in India.

Now, with the risk of new and more dangerous variants, India has decided to add to the above list and include countries such as New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Africa and the China, among others. All passengers from these countries are required to follow updated protocols.

In a statement at a press briefing, Rajesh Bhushan, the Union’s Health Secretary, said: “Given the risk of mutations in SARS-CoV-2, we have added to the Kingdom’s list -U, EU and Middle East more countries including South Africa, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. International travelers from all these countries would now need negative RT reports -PCR for boarding flights to India and RT-PCR testing upon arrival here ”,

The World Health Organization is currently reviewing a variant named Mu. This particular variant could be more resistant to vaccines because it results from multiple mutations. It is a worrying variant and was first identified in Colombia in January 2021.

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