November 24, 2022

Ireland: no quarantine for fully vaccinated Indian travelers

As Ireland prepares its response to the pandemic, its government has announced the resumption of processing of short-stay entry visas. Irish Visa Application Centers (VACs) in India have also started accepting short stay applications, according to reports, which will likely encourage travelers to visit Ireland for tourism purposes. As for short stay visas, they allow visitors to travel to Ireland for up to 90 days.

In reference to this, the Embassy of Ireland in India has issued a statement stating that eligible short stay visas will, again, be marked with the letters ‘BIVS’, which signify access to the UK shared Irish visa program. . The statement further added that all travelers arriving in Ireland must continue to comply with measures required by law, including producing proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative PCR test at immigration control at their port of entry. In addition, all remaining COVID-19 restrictions on the processing of entry visas and preclearance, which were introduced as an interim measure needed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, have now been lifted, the statement added. .

Ireland: no quarantine for fully vaccinated Indian travelers

The embassy urged visa applicants to be informed of the current visa processing time and reiterated that requests for acceleration of applications will currently not be considered. And regarding the processing time, it will take 25 days to issue a visit visa, 20 days for a study visa and 10 days for a business visa.

Fully vaccinated Indian travelers are reportedly no longer required to undergo a mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days after Ireland removed India from the list of states designated for mandatory hotel quarantine in late August. These travelers, in addition to presenting the vaccination certificate, must have a negative result on the RT-PCR of a test carried out in the 72 hours preceding their arrival in the country. Note that Indian travelers can enter Ireland 15 days after taking the last dose of vaccine.