November 24, 2022

Lakshadweep revises travel rules to prevent spread of Omicron

The effects of Omicron, the new mutant in the COVID-19 virus, can now be seen more closely with a number of states revising their travel guidelines to prevent any possible outbreaks. Lakshadweep, one of India’s top beach destinations, has also followed suit and revised its regulations for travelers.

From now on, all visitors to Lakshadweep will be required to carry a negative RT-PCR test report, carried out within 48 hours of travel dates. These rules are also applicable to the crews of various ships, vessels and other vessels in the region. Lakshadweep administrative authorities have also implemented new quarantine standards, and all arrivals will be required to undergo a mandatory 3-day quarantine. The same will not apply to fully vaccinated travelers.

Fully vaccinated people will also not need a COVID test result if traveling between islands. Authorities have also made it clear that everyone must strictly adhere to COVID prevention measures and behave appropriately.

An ordinance has been issued in this regard, stating that “The wearing of face masks is an essential preventive measure. in the first instance and 200 INR in the second instance of violation. ”