September 29, 2022

Rohit speaks on Kohli for the 1st time

India Tour of South Africa – Rohit Sharma speaks for the first time on Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli led India from the front lines for five years as team captain, his successor Rohit Sharma said, insisting he appreciates “at every moment” that he played under the star hitter.

India tour to South Africa: New White Ball captain Rohit Sharma speaks for the first time on Virat Kohli and says “I enjoyed every moment under him”

In his interaction with ‘’, Rohit explained how the team led by Kohli had a “good time”. Kohli stepped down as captain of the T20 after the World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and was later replaced by Rohit as ODI skipper earlier this month.

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“Five years since he led the team, he led from the front every time, we walked into the park, and there was courage and determination to win every game, that was the message. to the whole team “, Rohit said on the sidelines of the Indian test team’s training session here ahead of the South Africa tour later this month.

India Tour of South Africa: “We had a great time playing under him (Kohli) and I played a lot of cricket under him, enjoyed every moment, I keep doing it,“, He added, putting an end to all the conjectures which have floated on the professional relationship between the two.

The Indian team has been criticized for its inability to win an ICC trophy since the 2013 Champions Trophy, despite proven and consistent match winners in its ranks.

Rohit said he was aware of the challenge and would try to grab that extra inch that escaped the side.

“There are a lot of things we have to do right before we think about the end result. The last ICC (Champions Trophy) that we won dates back to 2013 ” he explained.

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“… But I don’t see anything wrong with what we did after this Champions Trophy. We played well and played as a team, but just that we couldn’t get that extra inch ”, he said.

India tour to South Africa: New White Ball captain Rohit Sharma speaks for the first time on Virat Kohli and says “I enjoyed every moment under him”

India tour to South Africa: New White Ball captain Rohit Sharma speaks for the first time on Virat Kohli and says “I enjoyed every moment under him”

“It can happen because international cricket is very demanding, but that’s the challenge because we are all professionals.”

But he thinks that to win a world title you have to do a lot of things right.

“A lot of World Cups are coming up and India will aim to do well in a lot of them. Our goal is to win the championship, but there is a process that we have to go through as a group.

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India Tour of South Africa: “If you have to win the championship, you have to take care of a lot of other things first and then focus on the end goal. “

The focus will first be on improving as a player and then collectively as a team.

“… how you get out of tough challenges is very important and I think in the past we’ve been placed in those situations, where we’ve been 10/3 or 15/2 or something like that, we (have ) failed to recover, “ he recalled.

“Something we have to keep in mind going forward is one of the areas. There are other areas where we need to keep improving as a team and improving as a team. “

India Tour from South Africa: For him, one of his main tasks is to make sure that each player knows why he was chosen in the team and what is expected of him.

“I have limited opportunities to lead Team India, but whenever I get the chance I tried to keep it simple, I tried to keep one thing in common, clear communication with the players.” , he said.

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“I’ve tried to make sure they understand their roles, and that’s what it’s about, understanding that role and going out and playing that role.

“Because for us, coach and captain, it is important that we have clear communication and that is what I want to do, to make people understand why they were chosen in the team.”

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“Working with Rahul bhai was three odd games but it was fantastic. We know how he played his cricket, hard and hard.

“There was also a feeling of relaxation, because it is important to keep the atmosphere light and happy” he said.

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