November 24, 2022

Santorini’s new sky dome is simply magical

The Aegean Sea in its endless splendor is best experienced from Santorini in Greece. But now you have an additional feature that would surely enhance your experience of this place. The Santorini Sky, which is one of the most beautiful hotels here, revealed a transparent sky dome at the highest point of Santorini.

So now you can experience the sky, its amazing stars, sunsets and the Aegean Sea surrounding you. The impressive dome is definitely one of the best things you can experience in this life.

The best part about it is that it’s open to everyone, not just guests staying at the Santorini Sky resort. This is a two-hour experience scheduled every day at sunset, to give you the perfect experience. So it’s basically the best place for any special occasion, especially something like a proposal. The experience can also be personalized according to your needs.

With a moody atmosphere, the transparent dome comes with a bed, Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. You can control the lights according to your mood. If you happen to be a guest of the resort, you can book it for the night, and hence stargaze at your leisure.

It is priced at $120 per couple and resort guests can get a $30 discount. It’s definitely a great opportunity for travelers, so if you’re in Santorini, give it a try.