September 29, 2022

Singer-songwriter Lucky Ali on his multi-city India tour, new album and future plans

One of the most soulful voices of the 90s, Lucky Alithe Oh Sanam The hitmaker is set for a multi-city album tour in Kolkata, Goa, Bengaluru and Delhi as we bid farewell to 2021. The India Tour, Ali’s first tour in a while, will be hosted by the leading platform Paytm Insider Entertainment. The India Tour, a live event on the ground, looks promising. After a year of streaming live performances online and attending concerts on screens, this tour brings Ali’s signature raw voice to the forefront. The singer-songwriter will be seen singing a medley of his favorite old hits alongside brand new songs from his upcoming new album. Lucky Ali burst onto the independent music scene with his debut album Suno in 1996 and since then has played a significant role in building the indie and hindi pop movement in India. His evergreen solo albums and Bollywood the numbers continue to resonate with audiences even after years. We caught up with Lucky Ali, as he talked about his upcoming tour, his new album and the importance of promoting local independent music. Extracts.

Tell us about your multi-city tour. What prompted you to take the tour now?
Now… Well because it’s a perfect time. During the lockdown, we were mostly playing shows online, which gave us space to work on the songs and make the whole thing an experience that tells a story through songs and visuals that complement each other. This new experience with Farmhouse Music and Paytm Insider will be a very special sight for everyone as we’ve added some new songs, some songs we haven’t played in a while, and a special visual package that I’m excited about. So yeah, things are slowly reopening, so it’s a perfect time.

We hear that there is also a new album in sight?
Yes, the album is coming soon. We take our time and perfect the work. We need to put those finishing touches on things. Creative work takes time so when it’s ready we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

For over decades you have mesmerized us with melodious songs. As a singer-songwriter, which role do you prefer more – singer or songwriter?
I mean they call it singer-songwriter for a reason. There is not much more to develop. We compose our ideas and work with fantastic lyricists and musicians like Mikey McCleary and the band I work with, but yeah, it’s hard to go any further.

What is your creative process for composing a song?
Well, sometimes I just have an idea, maybe a lyric in my mind and you know, we play something on the guitar and then we try to put the idea together and turn it into something beautiful for everyone who listens to it. It takes time and sometimes a lot of revisions.

You haven’t read for Bollywood in quite a while. Can we expect something like this in the future or even for OTT?
Maybe I’m just looking for a good song with something I like. I won’t say no. But it is true that we haven’t worked and been in the industry for quite some time.

As a singer, what do you think of the independent music genre in India?
India the music is growing so much. So many of our young people listen to international music. It would be great if the music they want to listen to also comes from their own country and our homeland. It can be in any language.

Personally, what kind of music do you like?
Everything that touches me at that time.

What do you plan next?
Albums, shows, travels and retirement.

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