November 24, 2022

Soon explore Karnataka in luxury caravans!

Your sightseeing trips in Karnataka are ready to become more comfortable and fun. Very soon, even on the go, you will not only be able to enjoy fresh food, but you will also have a room to sleep in when you get tired of exploring new places in Karnataka!

Yes, you will soon be able to enjoy the comfort of caravan arrangements and take your trip to the next level.

According to reports, the Karnataka tourism department is about to launch caravan facilities which will be available for eco-tours, adventure, wildlife sanctuaries and pilgrimages. These arrangements will not only make your trip easier, but will also make your trip comfortable and luxurious.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai recently inaugurated luxury caravans, which will soon be available to the public. Reports say that from now on, the tourism department will provide this service to the public in private partnership.

So far, a private company has designed two types of caravans. One is the bus type caravan which will be equipped with 2 beds, kitchen, toilet, table, 4 chairs and more. This caravan is tailor-made for a family of five.

Then there is the smaller type of car, which will have a kitchen, a small bedroom and a toilet, in which 3 people can travel without any problem. This caravan is suitable for small family trips with husband, wife and child. It is also a well-equipped and organized car-type vehicle that will suit those who feel tired while travelling, don’t have home-cooked meals, or miss a good night’s sleep while travelling, and which is also tailor-made for the elderly.

The rent for these caravans has not yet been announced. According to the sources, the price will be fixed after the development of a separate app and website in a few days.