August 13, 2022

South Africa cricket council revises bio-bubble standards for India tour

Johannesburg, December 14 (IANS): Cricket South Africa (CSA) has revised the bio-bubble standards for the India tour from December 26. The entire tour and the host contingent being fully vaccinated, positive Covid-19 cases, if any, will be allowed to complete their isolation inside the bubble itself, the CSA said.

“Immediate contacts of anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 in the bubble during the South Africa-India series will not need to self-isolate and leave the bubble, but will instead be allowed to self-quarantine. in the hotel room as long as they are clinically stable, ”the cricket advice added.

“This is part of the ‘strict’ biosecure environment (BSI) standards put in place by Cricket South Africa in coordination with BCCI as the Indian contingent is due to arrive in Johannesburg later this week,” the council said. cricket.

“Considering that all members of the ecosystem will be vaccinated, the positive case will isolate itself in the hotel room if it is clinically stable,” CSA chief medical officer Shuaib Manjra told ESPNcricinfo.

“Contacts will continue to play and train with non-medical procedures strictly observed and tested daily,” he added.

The CSA had initially developed more relaxed bio-bubble plans after the third wave of the pandemic receded in South Africa in October. These have now been changed following the emergence and rapid global boom of Omicron, the latest variant of covid-19.

“While at the end of the third wave, we considered moving from a strict BSE to a managed environment, the Omicron variant and the high levels of community transmission forced strict BSE,” Manjra said.