November 24, 2022

Travel to India: Delays, long queues at airport due to new mandatory screening – News

100% X-ray screening now mandatory for baggage at Delhi airport for international passengers

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Published: Sat Nov 20, 2021 6:47 PM

Last update: Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:05 PM

The new mandate for international arrivals at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has left passengers feeling harassed as they waited in long, hour-long queues while checking baggage with X-rays as they exited the gates from the terminal.

International passengers are witnessing sudden delays when exiting Delhi airport due to mandatory 100% custom x-ray screening of baggage arriving from overseas.

Customs officer at Delhi airport told ANI that 100% X-ray screening is now mandatory for luggage at Delhi airport for international passengers reaching the nation’s capital.

In addition, a senior customs official, who does not wish to be named, told ANI: “At present, we have three x-ray machines at Delhi airport. We must ask our senior officials to perform 100% screening of incoming international passengers. In this regard, the customs officers have received the orders,” he said.


Recently, Customs at Delhi Airport inaugurated a new X-ray machine (scanner) to screen dutiable items and made baggage screening of international arrivals compulsory, especially in the early morning hours.

Several international travellers, in an interview with ANI, expressed their dissatisfaction with the customs authorities regarding the mandatory X-ray checks of their luggage.

“This is simply harassment of passengers and Indian customs dating back to the pre-liberalization era of the 1980s, when international air travelers arriving in India feared the third degree to which they were subjected by the airport customs. It is very surprising that when Prime Minister Modi talks about moving forward, the Ministry of Finance, which is part of the government, pushes the country back a few decades,” said a frequent international air traveler who does air travel. international since 1972.


Another international traveler told ANI that it was due to the airport’s failed customs intelligence gathering capabilities that they had to rely on the lone x-ray machine to catch the smugglers.

The ANI has also contacted the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Delhi Airport Customs regarding the passenger’s complaint regarding mandatory X-ray screening. However, the airport customs declined to comment on the same. thing.

Earlier this month, the passenger check-in area at Mumbai airport witnessed massive chaos during the final hour of boarding. Failure to manage crowds at the airport resulted in passengers at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSIMA) missing flights in Mumbai.

A major complaint has been made by international travelers to airport customs and on social media that there is an urgent need for hassle-free exit from customs and it is expected that airport customs will come up with a new barrier where passengers do not feel harassed.