September 29, 2022

UAE-India travel: Air fares plunge as new quarantine rule hits travelers – News

Prices have dropped considerably to around Dh250

Posted: Sun Jan 9, 2022, 2:41 PM

Last update: Mon, Jan 10, 2022, 12:08 AM

Travel from the UAE to India has declined significantly after the Indian government announced a seven-day home quarantine policy for all international travelers to help curb the spread of Omicron in the country.

Due to the massive drop in travel between the two countries, travel agents in Dubai said air fares almost halved as families and business travelers from the UAE canceled trips because of the ‘They weren’t sure they would return to the UAE.

India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced on Friday that all international passengers will need to be quarantined for seven days upon arrival in India. Then they will have to take another PCR test on the eighth day and upload the result to the Air Suvidha portal. The results would be controlled by the respective Indian States and Union Territories.

India’s health ministry on Sunday reported more than 150,000 new cases of Covid-19 for the second day of the trot, while Omicron cases reached 3,623 in the South Asian country.

Avinash Adnani, managing director of Pluto Travels, said travel between the UAE and India has had a big impact on business passengers and families, as it is not clear whether travelers from the Emirates United Arabs can return a few days after landing in India.

“There is no clarity right now. If we travel to India for two days we have to quarantine for seven days and on the eighth day I have to do a PCR test and download it. So if we want to stay with us and sign a commercial paper and then want to come back after two days, the question is, will the immigration authorities stop me at the airport? That needs clarity and this is a big challenge for travelers from UAE. Business travelers and families want to go, but they are not very comfortable with this rule. So people are canceling their travel plans, “he said. he declares.

Following the introduction of the seven-day home quarantine rule, inbound tourism to India is also almost dead as foreign tourists would not quarantine in a hotel for seven days and then move on.

Mir Wasim Raja, Director, MICE and Vacation, Galadari International Travel Services, said travelers from the UAE face a dilemma due to lack of clarity in the rules.


“We have a lot of calls from people who want to go on a trip to India for two, three or four days, but they are concerned that they will be stuck there longer,” he said.

Air fares are plunging

Adnani said airfares from the UAE to India have dropped significantly to around Dh250 because no one wants to risk traveling and getting stuck there.

“People fear that flights will be closed again, which puts people off,” he said. “The one-way ticket from Sharjah to Delhi on January 19 costs 250 Dh. On the contrary, the fares are always high from India to UAE because coming here.

“Honestly, the authorities should look into this as it has a real impact on the travel industry, especially business travelers, as many UAE come to India for a two to four day trip.” , added Adnani.

He suggested there was no problem if the Indian government demanded that all international passengers be quarantined until they got the report of the Covid-19 PCR test carried out at the Indian airport.