May 22, 2022

World’s first “Meme Museum” opens in Hong Kong

If you like surfing the net, you must have come across the online humor platform 9GAG. He entertained his audience with hilarious memes and content. Today, the online platform has taken it to the next level and opened the world’s first “Meme Museum” in Hong Kong. With memes being an integral part of how people communicate these days, the Meme Museum is an exciting place to visit.

Located in the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong, this museum celebrates some of the most humorous videos and images that have gone viral on the internet. It allows visitors to explore the history of memes, as well as the opportunity to celebrate the best of internet culture in the real world. The interesting thing about visiting this museum is that there is no entrance fee required.

The Meme Museum, showcasing over 100 memes for visitors to interact with, additionally has seven themed areas centered on
Troll face,
Doge, distracted boyfriend,
Disaster Girl, and much more. Sarim Akhtar, the disappointed Pakistani fan, who has been the subject of memes since 2019, has also found a place in said museum. He even tweeted about it and said the video was spotted by his sister.

According to the exhibit’s profile on K11’s Art Mall website, they are more than jokes and epitomize how we celebrate and satirize current events and how we depreciate as a community. He added that it’s all about internet culture and they’re making the most of it so that one can experience firsthand the glory and evolution of some of the most humorous jokes of our time.

According to reports, K11 Art Mall has partnered with 9GAG to launch the world’s first meme museum, while the museum itself is a limited experience that will help you witness the evolution of memes through 3D figures, pictures and even perfumes.